A day or two off

Not away from work unfortunately, just from the bicycle commute.  I have to dress decently and go to far off (relatively speaking) places today and tomorrow.

Yesterday for lunch I went to the commuter rail station.  It has little shelters with benches so I was sheltered from the wind.  Plus at mid-day it is relatively deserted.  This won’t cut it when it gets truly cold, but it was warm yesterday.

On the other side of the tracks, there are houses. At one there was a gentleman doing something or other and being followed closely by one of the tiniest dogs I have ever seen.  I became slightly concerned that he might step on it and it would be squashed like a little bug.

There was also a couple on older cruiser style bikes who were using the parking lot to ride laps.  I found it a little strange, but at least they were doing it so I will try not to be critical.  Some people are afraid of road-riding and the park really isn’t a good spot to ride.

Happy Tuesday.


~ by susancyclist on October 21, 2008.

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