Monday, chilly but sunny

The commute in this morning was really chilly, the coldest this season.  I layered on my wool purchases of last week and they did well on my top half.  I had also had on the riding breeches which are not so warm.  I need a pair of light-colored tights under them.

There is a little hill that I hit on my way to almost anywhere.  I hate this little hill because I get to it before I have my legs loosened and warmed up.  This morning I discovered that my quads are also a touch sore.  I was rather surprised to discover that.  I don’t know if it is from Saturday’s climbing or yesterday’s house cleaning.

Today was also the first time I carried my laptop on the bike.  I have an Eddie Bauer briefcase/messenger bag that works pretty well for most purposes.  It did all right this morning as long as I kept it on my back.  When it slid around to the side it was a nuisance.  I’ve now shortened the strap as far as it will go so I hope that will help next time.

There was no riding yesterday.  I cleaned.  Lots.  The house looks much better.


~ by susancyclist on October 20, 2008.

One Response to “Monday, chilly but sunny”

  1. I understand about the hill… but mine comes at the end of the ride and its not so little.
    I hate cleaning, but love what it does to the house! Fun, Fun, I hope you recover from whichever it is before your next hilly ride. smiles!

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