Pretty, cool Saturday

My friend Meg was in town, so we shopped and ate yesterday, and rode this morning.

Yesterday, after a Cajun lunch, we headed to Goodwill to see if we could score some cyling appropriate wool.  I found a lightweight merino sweater in a light blue which will work as a baselayer, a zip-front gray sweater which will work as an outer layer, and my strangest purchase, a pair of riding breeches as in horseback.  I’m going to try them out as commuting pants.

We then agreed to meet up this morning for a ride.

We set out this morning at about 7:00.  It was chilly!  I did a poor job of layering.  I should have tried out the wool zip-up I bought yesterday.  I wore my jacket which is waterproof.  By the time I took it off it was coated with sweat on the inside.

I’m usually the route picker, so I decided to take Meg on a route she had never done before.  It’s not terribly long, but it has a good amount of climbing with a good, long descent at the end.  That particular hill is known to local cyclists as “Microwave Hill” due to all of the broadcast towers on it.

The first part of the ride, after going through town, is mostly rollers in pretty countryside.  I would have taken some pictures, but the sun wasn’t out and there still isn’t a lot of fall color. 

After winding through the countryside we came out onto a bit of highway which has a nice bit of highway with a good shoulder.  As we came up to the turnoff to the big hill, Meg figured out we were taking Microwave Hill which she had never done before.  But we were coming from the side where there is less sustained climbing.  It rolls more but it steeper.

We stopped for a few minutes for a snack before starting the climb.  While sitting on the ground, I took this so attractive picture of Meg:

Megan should not make faces or I will post them

Megan should not make faces or I will post them

I do have to mention that my legs were feeling the effect of commuting on the heavier Nyala.  They were a bit tired!
But we got over the hill and were rewarded with a long downhill with big swooping curves.  At the bottom, I had to stop as the zebra were out.  I finally managed to get a couple of decent pictures:
Zebra pose

Zebra pose

They tried to hide.

They tried to hide.

After heading back into town, we stopped for a bit to check out Oktoberfest, chat with a few people, then headed out for the last leg.  As we turned off onto the by-pass, I heard something fall off of my bike, which turned out to be my Garmin.  I yelled and slowed, but Meg didn’t hear me, clipped my back wheel and went down.  Fortunately, there was no major damage but a twisted brifter and a scraped knee.  But we decided to cut a mile or so off the ride to straighten and bandage.  We stopped off at my friend’s yard sale where Megan found a merino wool sweater.
We headed back to my house where we straightened the brifter and bandaged the knee.
27.2 hilly, chilly miles

~ by susancyclist on October 18, 2008.

3 Responses to “Pretty, cool Saturday”

  1. Maybe I’m just creepy, but I really liked the picture of Megan.

  2. HA! I’ll tell her you said so.

  3. Cool! I love seeing a woman on a bike.

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