Tiny riders

No ride in today, I need to go out of town.

Yesterday I rode to the park with my lunch once again.  The last 2-3 times I have been there for lunch, I’ve seen a family riding.  Mom wasn’t along today; it was just Dad, a little girl about 8 and a boy about 4.  Both whiz along at full speed and no training wheels in sight.  I would like to raise the seat on the little girl’s bike, but have managed to keep my mouth shut.  The boy’s legs go like a little motor on his little bike.  The oval inside the park proper is just over a mile.  They also ride the path out of the park as an out-and-back which adds at least a mile and a half.  They do the route multiple times.  Darned impressive for two such little ones.


~ by susancyclist on October 14, 2008.

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