Decisions and a milestone

I really, really need to clear up the walnuts in the backyard.  Since I didn’t pick them up yesterday, the yard will soon be unwalkable.  But it’s so pretty out today, I should ride.  But clearing the nuts cooks my legs and back.  Plus the house is a wreck.  Damn.

On other fronts, I forgot to mention a milestone for me yesterday.  How could I forget!  I was wearing a long sleeved, full zip jersey.  When I rode out of town and it had warmed up, the zipper was down.  As I rode back into town, the zipper needed to come back up.  Nobody needs a view of my sports bra and 50+ y.o. middle.  I actually did a hands-free full zip up.  Am I not pro?

Do hate your saddlebag?  Can’t find squat in it?  All the tiny stuff migrates to the bottom and the pointy end?  This is what I did yesterday:

It has two little pockets on the front for tiny things like change and extra cleat screws.  It’s wide rather than deep.  I can actually find stuff in it.  And yeah, it wasn’t meant to be a saddle bag.


~ by susancyclist on October 12, 2008.

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