I did not ride/commute today.  My back is quite sore.  It isn’t from the different position on the commuter bike.  It’s from:


I have a big ole walnut tree in the back yard.  Every 3-4 years it has a banner harvest.  This is the big year.  Every afternoon I go out with a five gallon bucket and my little red wagon and pick up walnuts.  I haul and dump them in a nearby field.  I’m averaging two wagon loads a day.

The trouble is that if you look up at the tree, it’s still full of walnuts.


I also doubt that I will get in much of a ride on the roadbike tomorrow. I’m taking part in Wills for Heroes in the morning. I’ll probably ride there, but that’s only two miles or less.

Happy Friday,

~ by susancyclist on October 10, 2008.

3 Responses to “Tgif!!”

  1. Do you keep any of the nuts and do anything with them? I posted a clip of the crawling T-Man!

  2. They’re black walnuts, much messier than the english walnuts you get at the store. That said, I’ll probably try drying and hulling a few. But I have 100s!

    Just happened to have just watched the Tuckster! You are so in trouble now!!!

  3. Ah – I guess I don’t know as much about nuts as I thought! 🙂

    And trouble is an understatement!!

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