I need another title

OK.  I can’t come up with a post title today.  Sue me.

I realized riding home yesterday, that my ride in is essentially downhill, and my ride home is essentially uphill.  It seems like these should be reversed.

There is a chance of rain today and pretty much a for sure tomorrow.  So I’ve packed my rain cape/poncho in the trunk bag.  Unfortunately I have not gotten any fenders yet.  But if I ride sitting on the back of the cape, I should be mostly good.

I also need to stockpile a few clothing items at the office.  I have a spare pair of shoes here, but need to add some pants, socks and what else?  Trial and error I suppose.

I also have the luxury of a refrigerator all to myself here.  I want to find a few lunch items to stock so I don’t have to make lunch before I leave every morning.  I tried this before by stocking up on a few microwave meals that were on clearance.  Unfortunately, there was a reason they were on clearance.

Happy Tuesday,


~ by susancyclist on October 7, 2008.

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