Nice fall weekend, pt 2

I’ve given Ole Blue a bath and some lube, and taken his picture, so now it’s time to talk about this morning’s ride.

Coolish this morning, but it promised weather in the 80sF by afternoon.  So I went with a long sleeve base layer and jersey with regular shorts.

I started out thinking I would take a route in a easterly direction, but realized in short order that it wouldn’t work.  That took me straight into the morning sun rendering me nearly blind.  So I headed south.

As I road through town, I spotted another rider ahead of me and, Hey!, I was gaining on him.  That doesn’t happen to me often, the catching up part that is.  But I was just yards away when he turned off.

I headed along my way and turned off on Pinhook Rd, intending to turn left on Old Shannon Rd.  But somehow on Old Shannon I found myself going the opposite direction than I had intended on Shannon.  Oh well.  That’s okay.  As long as I get in the 25 miles I guess I have time for before the football game.  I come back down the llama farm road and then head for the industrial subdivision.  That has a long, gradual climb, then I turn off to go back through the edge of town.

By then the sun is high enough to head east, so that’s where I head to a road I discovered earlier this year.  I head out Rome Pk to Carthage Hwy.  (Note all the classical references?).  Then I turn off onto Spring Creek Road.  I really should have stopped to take a few pictures.  First I saw a white mule; not albino, just white.  Then, as I climbed, I looked off over the landscape.  There is just the beginning of fall color.  In another 10 days or so, it will be really pretty.

After I turned onto Hartsville Pk, I was climbing a little hill and a vehicle was behind me.  I topped the hill and was signalling the car not to try to pass as there was traffic approaching when my favorite orange bandanna blew off my wrist and back down the hill.   I pulled off and laid down the bike and gracefully started to run down to get it.  Another car stopped in front of it effectively stopping traffic so no one would run over it.  That was nice and kinda cute.

As I cranked toward home, I could tell that I was going to hit right on the 25 mile goal.  But checking the clock it looked like I could eke out a few extra miles so I turned left to tack on those extra. I cut across and headed out Hwy 231 for about a mile, turning off onto the new extension that I like to ride.  Cranked on out back left and toward home.  30.8 miles and time for a bath before the game.


~ by susancyclist on October 5, 2008.

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