Nice fall weekend for all sorts of things

And it’s not quite over.

Starting out Saturday morning, I was up bright and early. Checking the weather, I decided to hold off on my morning ride as the temps were chilly but it was supposed to warm up as the day went on.

I sat down to check out things on the ‘puter and ended up checking out commuter panniers on REI’s website.

Hmm, that Topeak looks good and it’s on sale.  But that Novarra is pretty and I could use an available 20% member discount on it.

So I ended up in the car on my way to Brentwood to REI.

I arrived promptly at 9:00 a.m. to find they don’t open until 10:00.  Oh well.  I’ll go to Fresh Market and pick up a few high end grocery things.  Now it’s 9:30.  I’ll go to Starbucks, have a chai tea and people watch.  Finally it’s 10:00.

As I entered I was surprised as they’ve expanded and added several square feet.  I made my way through all of the new pretty winter jerseys to the panniers.

First I spotted the brightly colored Novarra. It isn’t quite as big as I thought, but I like the visible color, reflective details and the zip out panniers. It has sturdy velcro straps to attach it to the rack.

Next I spied the Topeak. It’s made along similar lines but roomier. But it’s black. I like black, but it’s not the most visible color at twilight or after dark. But the deal-breaker was how it fastens to the rack. Topeak seems to have a proprietary system for it’s soft goods. You must have a Topeak rack so that the trunk bag can slide along the rails. However good their system is, I already have a Delta rack and am not inclined to buy another.

So I went with the Novarra.

Then I wandered through the store, but was quite good about ignoring all the other wonderful and useful things. Well, except for this one thing, a light. A little LED flashlight shaped like a shark. One should always carry a flashlight when on the road. Right?

On my way home I stopped and visited my friends, the Bonds. Joann is an old teacher of mine. J.O. is a judge. He has been off the bench for quite a while with health problems, so I was glad to have a nice visit and play with their dachshund, Bob.

The pannier looks great and I have continued to “Fred out” the bike.  I must admit this in public.  I have added a kickstand. *gasp*  That lets me park it it a dry place if need be.

It’s getting a bath later today, so I’ll take a picture or two and post to my flickr account.  I’ll also post about this morning’s ride.


~ by susancyclist on October 5, 2008.

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