Four days commuting this week.  Three cheers for me.

‘Twas nippy again this morning.  I wore full finger gloves and Smartwool socks, but I was also wearing a skirt.  I was all Copenhagen Cycle Chic but on a mountain bike and clipped in.   Apparently in Copenhagen they have no hills.

Since this is Friday, it is grocery day.  I put the grocery panniers on the bike, but I need kitty litter and food, in addition to the person stuff.  I have a couple of options.  Stop at lunch for the cat stuff and go home and eat.  Then come back to the office and buy groceries at the end of the day.  OR just go have lunch somewhere, go home at the end of the day, get the motor vehicle and shop.  I’ll play it by ear and report back.

On other fronts, for the last year I have been trying to figure out a pant, or more specifically a pant leg, that would work on the bike and at the office.  While riding home yesterday, it came to me even though I wasn’t particularly thinking about it.  Riding breeches or a jodphur.  Okay, I admit those things can get expensive.  Plus the jodphur can look a little much if there is too much fabric at the top along the thigh.  But if I can find a pattern, I can sew.  Then it’s a matter of finding a good fabric, preferably with a little spandex, but not enough to scream spandex.


~ by susancyclist on October 3, 2008.

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