To the LBS

With Black Beauty’s shifting terribly out of whack, nigh on to unrideable, I drove in this morning with the bike loaded in the back of my little red pick up.  I finished up the morning stuff early, called the shop, then headed down there.

Odds are, all I need is a new chain and general adjusting and cleaning.  The cassette looks good.  But then the shocker:  “We’ll try to have it for you by the 9th.”  They are that backed up.

My LBS has always been good to me.  I get a lot of free stuff.  But kids, that’s 13 days.  There is an organizational problem here somewhere. 

The manager is off on Fridays.  But I think they need to set up a system.  They may be short a wrench as well.

What do other shops do to avoid this?


~ by susancyclist on September 26, 2008.

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