Commuting and other bicycly things

I rode into the office on the Bianchi, Old Blue, this morning.  I had forgotten how much fun that old boy is to ride.  (That sounds a little off color).  Despite the fact that it weighs a ton, it has small chain rings so it climbs like a mountain goat.  I put a rack on it a while back and I bungeed the backpack to it this morning.  Nice to not have it on my back.  Instead of toting it up the steep stairs to my office, I chained it to a sign.  I think I will look around for fenders and possibly a chain guard or even a kick stand.  The reason for the kickstand is that if it rains, there is a place I can put it in the dry across the street.  But there is nothing to which to chain it.

In the meantime, I wanted to take a look at whatever problem I’m having with the road bike.  I don’t have a workstand but had plans in my head to build one using an old lampstand, scrap lumber, a couple of bolts and a couple of hooks.  So last evening I headed off to Lowe’s.  Let me add, I am blessed with a really big garage.  So when I asked the associate for a bike hook she took me to something like this.  I have a big wooden post in the garage, so this was a much simpler solution.  When I got home, I hung it up, and plopped the bike up there and it worked great.  It does sway a bit when you shift gears, especially shifting down, but for less than six bucks, I can live with that.

As to the problem with the bike, shifting and running on the smaller cogs in the back is rough. But since I was able to take a closer look at it, the problem may be with the derailleur.  This evening I’m going to clean it thoroughly, concentrating on the pulleys.  They may be fouled with that road dust that doesn’t come off with a simple washing.  I’ll report back.


~ by susancyclist on September 25, 2008.

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