Fall commutes

lunch spot

lunch spot


Fall is the prime time for riding, and especially commuting, in my humble opinion.  The temps are cool in the morning, so I don’t get all sweaty on my way to the office.  I like to bring a sandwich and a book and head to the park for lunch.  Here’s the spot where I ate yesterday.  It’s a cellphone picture so you can’t appreciate how clear the water is in that creek.

In the afternoon I can do a casual ride home or leave the backpack in the office for a bit and go crank a little harder before heading home.

I may be switching to the old Bianchi soon for commuting.  The chain and probably the cassetteon Black Beauty are getting those sounds of wear.  I also had some slipping yesterday.  I’m currently running 9 speed on the back.  I need to check on compatibility of the der and brifters and see if I could go with a 10.  I think the brifters can be adjusted, but probably not the derailleur.  I’m currently running all Shimano 105, so this may be a good time to think about starting the upgrade trail to either Ultegra or Durace. 

I was hoping to wait until January or February so I could take it into the shop and just leave it in bad weather.  But if the racket continues, I may not be able to wait.


~ by susancyclist on September 24, 2008.

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