A weekend close to home

I had originally planned on a camping/cycling trip this weekend at Defeated Creek.  But when gasoline supplies and prices started getting a bit wonky, I cancelled.  Good call.  It would have burned a tank of gas that I might have trouble replacing right now.  This situation should work out in another week as the gas pipeline starts filling back up post Hurricane Ike.  But in the meantime gas stations have lines or have run dry.

So this weekend was cycling, football and the Ryder Cup.

I really got wrapped up in the Ryder Cup this weekend.  I come from a family of golfers and used to play a bit, but after wrist surgery and with lack of time, I gave it up.  I used to watch with my parents, both of whom were pretty good.  So I turned it on Saturday and ended up absorbed.


On a cycling note, I ventured out to run errands on Sunday morning.  At the grocery, I was being checked out by a teenage boy cashier.  As all conversations around here are going right now, ours turned to gasoline.  I remarked that I was lucky that I rode a bike.  It turned out that he was working to save up for a bike.  I thought that was pretty cool.  Traditionally teens have saved up for a car.  I suggested checking out Craigslist, but he said he wanted something new, off the showroom floor.  At least some things don’t change.


~ by susancyclist on September 22, 2008.

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