Feelin’ good and bad

Isn’t it strange how your legs can feel really crappy one day, as in last evening, then the next morning feel really good?

For the ride home last night, I had to run a couple of errands, including going to city hall to pay my office utilities, which were on the edge of past due.  This entails climbing a couple of mild hills.  For reasons unknown, perhaps because I was in a bad mood, this was a hideous amount of work.  Even the downhill after the stop at city hall was no fun.

Segue to this morning: I almost broke down and drove into the office.  I’m glad I didn’t.  I just zipped along on the commute. 

I know I was just off of a good night’s sleep.  I usually feel better for morning rides than evening ones.  But it was like the leg fairies came during the night and sucked the cement out of my legs.

I’m again trying to decide whether to do a local charity ride this weekend.  It’s probably the last local one of the year.  I enjoyed the last one.  This one is in Gladeville which has the best cycling in the area in my humble opinion.  Plus another one I had thought about doing apparently isn’t going off this year.

We’ll see, as Mom used to say.

~ by susancyclist on September 18, 2008.

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