I ride, finally

Finally got back on the bike this morning with an early start.  The shoulder felt pretty good, but the legs felt the time off of the bike.

I had a route in mind, which I then proceeded to ignore.  I really enjoy rides when I turn off on a road I’ve never been on before.  I like to explore.

The mystery road today is called Mill Road.  I’ve never even driven it.  It is not a county maintained road.  On old country roads, the county road commission will not accept maintenance unless they are given the “right of way” all along it’s length and for a certain width.  So once upon a time this road was paved.  But not in recent memory.  So I had to pay attention to the surface, but I have ridden worse.  It would have been lots of fun on a fatter tired bike like a mountain bike.  There were no big holes, but massive quantities of patches.

It came out on a nice road which I also had never ridden before.  I knew I was parallel to the interstate, but I wasn’t entirely sure where I was.  It turned out to be a road called Eastover Road.  It was nice and rolly.

When I downloaded my ride from the Garmin, my max speed was on an ascent.  This is unlikely although I suppose it could be on the end of a descent and starting back up the next hill.  But it’s just weird.

I was glad I got out early as we are still having summer temperatures in the low 90s by mid-day.  But if the weather people are right, that is about to go by the wayside.  I love autumn riding. I hope they are right.


~ by susancyclist on September 13, 2008.

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