Life gets in the way

I have not been posting as I have been unable to ride.

Why, you say.

1.  Work.  Work, work, work.

2.  Continuing legal education.  I am required to attend a certain number of hours each year.  I did this in one fell swoop.  This causes your brain to turn to mush and your rump to stone.  On the upside, I did ride the train.  I missed the train the first day, I thought it left at 6:45, it was 6:40.  Having missed the train the first day, I can do a quick and dirty cost analysis.  It costs me $15 to park.  It costs me $10 to ride the train.  Hmph.

3.  The remnants of Hurricane Gustav have made their way through here.  I am certainly NOT saying that our weather in any way was as bad as when it hit the coast.  But big winds and rain are still not optimal for riding.

In the meantime, I have completed my first week of One Hundred Pushups.  Just barely.  As in, I have done the bare minimum required because that’s all I am able to do.  I am pathetic.

I have also been working on replacing the chains on the trailer.  This entails drilling four holes through metal.  Despite having a new bit for this purpose and a lovely new cordless drill thanks to a gift card, this is remarkably slow work.  So slow that I had to stop, having drained both batteries.  But I have two of the holes done and a start on the third.  Once the drilling is done it should take me all of five minutes to finish up.

I don’t have a clue how to tag this post.


~ by susancyclist on September 7, 2008.

3 Responses to “Life gets in the way”

  1. Is it your birthday? Rumor has it…but those rumors are often wrong. If so, have a happy day!

  2. Alas not. You missed it by 2 months, less one day. However, gifts are always welcome. 😉

  3. So funny, I think that happened to Wiley too on the SBDF site.

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