Saturday mileage

I’ve ridden past this old bike myriad times and decided it was time to take a picture of it.

I got a nice early start this morning, just minutes after 7:00.  So for the first little bit the heat and humidity weren’t so bad.  They kicked in later.

Then, at the edge of town, I ran into this gentleman, or maybe lady:

  This was a big, honking tortoise.   Usually they will quickly hide in the shell.  Not this one.  S/He wasn’t afraid of me or of the jogger that soon joined me.  We were soon afraid of him/her.  But we were determined to get him off of the road.  I finally found a big flat rock to use to push him along.  Did you know that they have those triangular things on their tails like a dragon?  So I push and tortoise actually resists.  He braced himself!  The jogger then tries.  I think the tortoise finally just gets sick of us messing with him and takes off on his own into the grass.  The jogger was headed home and promised to come back and check on him.  I head off.

I turn off onto Pinhook Rd, to Old Shannon, to Holloway Rd.  Pedaling Holloway I spot off in the distance what looks to be a cyclist head out of a driveway, then another.  Never seen that around here.  I catch up and it’s two guys.  One was on a nice Cannondale, the other on what looked to be vintage steel.  I spoke and asked where they were headed (the park).  Then told them I might see them there, then went on.  I must admit, when I pass guys, especially younger ones, I get that superior feeling.  They were probably newbs.  I passed too easily.

I turned off onto Oak Grove then to Central Pike.  Rather than turning onto Franklin Rd, I headed toward Gladeville, aka “the Glade”.  If you are ever in this area and want to pick up a Saturday group ride, come here.  So I knew I would be seeing other riders.  Sure enough the 8:00 fast boys came flying by.  They all spoke.  After I went through town, I crossed paths with two guys I think I have spoken with before, maybe even ridden with.  This was also the area where I took the flower bike picture.

I rode straight out to Vesta Rd.  On Vesta there were three times I tried to get some pictures; once of a peacock and several peahens and twice of wild turkeys.  The subjects would not cooperate.

When I got to Hwy 231, I decided to ride down the highway and go through Cedars of Lebanon Park.  I had to stop as either my contact was messed up or I had something in my eye.  I never figured out which though.  I stopped for a nature break at a park restroom and by then it felt fine and I could see nothing in it.

Heading out of the backside of the park, towards Norene, is some of the worst road in the county.  I’m not sure why it never gets repaved, but it doesn’t.  It also has two of those metal grill style bridges.  So on a road bike, this is a bone shaking, teeth rattling road.  But everybody rides it.  Climbing is not rewarded by fast descents because it’s in such bad shape.  But everybody rides it.  The only real reward is that it has little traffic and is almost completely shaded.

It finally comes out to a paved and maintained road which takes me to Norene and the Norene General Store.  Unfortunately, the original building burnt down years ago, but was replaced and has the necessary and required benches out front, staffed by local gentlemen.  I stop to swap my bottles around and get the third one off the back and also to rest my feet which are beginning to hurt.

I’m asked if I am racing today.  Nope, just riding.  They get lots of cyclists through there and are wondering why.  The store is on routes that come from all directions and being in the middle of nowhere is the only water stop for miles.  I had a nice chat and headed on my way.

I headed in the general direction of home, about 15 miles away.  As I travelled on, my feet started to become an issue.  I’ve had foot problems before.  It’s not the traditional hot spots.  They hurt.  I have changed out pedals to a touring style pedal for more support.  I’ve tried inserts and probably need some new ones.  I plan to buy some new and different shoes soon but was hoping to wait until next spring.  I may not be able to wait.

So one more unplanned stop for the sake of my tootsies, then onward to home.


~ by susancyclist on August 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “Saturday mileage”

  1. I alwasys brake and save the turtles, and there are lots of them (dead and alive) where I am. I discovered the box turtle is that state reptile of North Carolina, where I live. So I think it is my patriotic duty.

  2. Later on Saturday, as I was running errands, I drove through there. There was no sign of squashed tortoise anywhere, so he must have made it okay!

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