TGIF & yesterday’s riding

I am always inordinately excited about three day weekends.  This one is no exception.  My plans are to ride, read and wash windows.  Really!  A friend and I may also ride (in a car) up to beautiful Smithville, TN to check out a campground on Cordell Hull lake and then go find a place to eat catfish.

I’m also planning to go visit an old friend.  If I go I’ll post about it then.

As to yesterday’s ride, it may have been the slowest ride I have done all summer.  My legs were just not lively, so I just went with it.  So it was a pleasant ride anyway.

I have again broken the little clicky off of the thingie (technical terms) that holds my Garmin on the bars.  Second one, so now I don’t have a replacement.  I’ll scour the house for giant twist ties tonight.  Paying $13 for one of those things is just offensive.  But that is the charge on the website.

Happy U.S. Labor Day Weekend!


~ by susancyclist on August 29, 2008.

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  1. For more information about Cordell Hull Lake, see an entry on CivicScope, Middle Tennessee’s version of Wikipedia,

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