On not camping

I posted previously posted on my plans for camping and riding this weekend.  This was not to be.

I left the office early yesterday so I could get hooked up and on my way.  My neighbor kindly helped and we made sure that all was secure.  Sometimes other things intervene.

There are normally two routes I take out of town avoiding traffic.  But this week one was cluttered with cars going to our huge county fair.  The other has construction going on.  So where I normally turn, I went straight.  Bad choice.

That route takes me across Hwy 231.  The secondary street I was on is not on the same level so that there is a short steep climb up to the highway to go across.  After the light changed, I proceeded across and heard a terrible racket.  I looked in the rearview mirror to see the trailer much further behind me than it should be, though it was still moving forward.


Fortunately it headed in a straight line and cleared most of the intersection.  A nice man stopped and two police cruisers came.  The road had sheared off the safety chains and shoved the tongue jack way back under the trailer.  The hitch was intact.

So the guys hitched me back up and I turned around in the adjoining convenience store lot.  One officer stopped traffic for me to pull back out and the other followed me home with his blue lights flashing.  It was rather fun stopping traffic every where.

Fortunately, there was no damage to anything other than the chains being sheared off.  I will take a better look today, but I may have to invest in someone welding something there to put them back.

So my plans to ride the greenways are blown.


~ by susancyclist on August 23, 2008.

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