I wanna ride

I’m sure that title doesn’t sound significant considering that is what this blog is about. But I have had a period of time where cycling was a duty, something I had to do, rather than the pleasure it should be.

But that attitude has disappeared. I think part of the attitude change is the weather. July was humid; August, not so much. I have also noticed slight improvements in speed and climbing ability. I’ll never be fast. Nor will I ever wear a polka-dot jersey. But I’m better than I was.

So I rode this evening with a light heart. And fairly light legs.

In celebration of the above, after uploading my ride off of the Garmin, I went to Velowear to order a new something or other. I ended up with a needed long sleeve jersey, and not so needed shorts and short sleeve jersey.


~ by susancyclist on August 18, 2008.

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