Recovery ride sunday

My legs were a bit achey last night.  So I was surprised that on this morning’s ride they felt pretty good.  I took a nice route that I really like but haven’t taken in a bit.

As I rode one section which has a long but shallow climb, I reflected on a time I rode through there last spring.  I had a headwind which roared down that hill and I thought I would never get home.  It was much nicer today.

At the end of the ride I went by a friend’s house.  This is the house where I went when I had my little heat problem earlier this summer.  When I walked in, I automatically got a bottle of Propel.  I’ve got them trained now!  On top of that, I got a pancake with cinnamon chips.  Mmm, good.


~ by susancyclist on August 17, 2008.

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