Teeny, tiny

Yeah, my ride last night was that short.  My legs were dead.  I think that was more a function of the lawn mowing Monday than the Tuesday ride.

So I just rode around town rather than heading out to the rural roads

Using the excuse that I had things that needed doing at home, I headed home.  Then proceeded not to do those things.

Saturday is the Bicycle Ride Across Wilson County, which doesn’t really go across the county. It covers roads that I ride frequently. This leaves me with the quandary of whether I should pay $25 to ride areas where I ride anyway. It is not what I considered well SAGged. But the rest stops are decent. I feel as though I should support a local ride.

The short story: I pre-registered two years ago, then had bronchitis. Since I had already paid, I went anyway. I shouldn’t have. When I called them to come and get me, they never came. There is motorcycle support, but I had sent them on as I had spoken to SAG and they were coming.

Thus, my reservations.


~ by susancyclist on August 14, 2008.

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