Riding backwards, and uphill

Ok, not literally riding backwards.  If you are like me, you tend to repeat the same routes from the same direction.  Riding sections from the opposite direction is like finding a whole new route.

It didn’t work out as well on Thursday’s ride as I ended up blinded by the afternoon sun.  But today it was lots of fun.  I turned off onto my first backwards section which is normally a rolling downhill section.  Today it was a rolling uphill!  That road merges into a road with the best name ever, Tater Peeler Road.  There was one final climb then a nice long descent, not really steep but rolley and fun.

Well that worked well.  Let’s try another.  I headed over to Old Shannon Road.  When riding it from the other direction, there is a climb followed by a downhill ending in a right turn curve.  Totally ruins the downhill reward as you have to brake.  It was much better from this direction as the climb was from the turn and the downhill was gently curving.

Next I headed up to Franklin Road aka Microwave Hill, so named as it’s a big tall hill where broadcast towers are located.  But before I started the climb, I stopped for a snack at about the 20 mile mark.  Then I was climbing the shorter side with a max grade of a little over 11%.  The reward is a descent of about 2 miles.  I have never attained the speeds I should on this downhill.  It’s curvy with a couple of blind curves near the top where it’s steepest.  I’m too cautious up there.  If I would just maintain my line and cut loose I could go much faster.

Good ride.  Fun stuff.


~ by susancyclist on August 9, 2008.

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