Almost a ride

I fully intended to ride last evening, but got a little sidetracked.  The cadence sensor on my Garmin has been out of commission.  I put in a new battery but it still was not pairing up.

I futzed around with it forever, but no joy.  I finally displayed a little sense and booted up the home computer (which also takes forever) and quickly found the answer on Motion Based Forum.  I have always found the answer to any Garmin problem there.  By the way, the problem was the unit was set on bike 2, which is my commuter, which does not have a sensor.  I switched back to bike 1 and all was good.

By then there were big black clouds on the horizon, plus I was hungry.  So I made a nice stir fry and rice and by the time that was done could watch the light show that nature displayed.

The good news about that storm is that it preceded a nice cold front.  That means the temperatures have changed from highs in the 90-100s to the 80s.  That’s most unusual for this part of the world in August.  It’s supposed to last through the weekend if the weatherguy is right.

So if the rains will now kindly move along I’ll perfect riding weather.


~ by susancyclist on August 7, 2008.

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