Upon inspection

As previously posted, I inspected my rear rim this evening to see if I could find find the cause of my serial flats.

The rim itself looks perfect. The tape looks great too. Well at first it did.

When comparing the location of the hole in the last tube to the rim, I found that it coincides with the slight overlap of the ends of the rim tape. The exposed end of the tape is the tiniest bit rough which is apparently rubbing the tube, hence, the hole. Weird, huh.

Since it wasn’t practical to go the my LBS this evening, I rummaged around and found some teflon tape. I cut a little piece to cover the rough spot. Then, thanks to the reminder of telepantheosis, dusted the innards with some talc.

Hopefully that will cure my problems.


~ by susancyclist on August 5, 2008.

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