The end of July

I’ve been quite the bad bloggger of late.  Sorry about that.  Work and general laziness gets in the way.

Two good rides over the weekend with a stop to watch a bit of the State Time Trial Championships on Saturday.  We didn’t watch too long as just watching riders go by isn’t really interesting.  The best part was watching the Sr. 70 rider pass the juniors in front of him.

No riding thus far these weekdays.  Work and general malaise are getting in the way.  Well that and it’s been raining, thundering and lightening since yesterday.  The rain is a good thing this time of year, but will cause lawn mowing in the very near future.

In the meantime, I am still scouting vintage bikes, preferably an older mixte.  But I have spotted a really pretty Nishiki that looks to be in really good shape.  It does have a top tube though.  That would mean no riding in a skirt to the office.  But if I can bid it in at a good price that would be worth it.  And it’s close enough that I could go pick it up.

I also spotted a Miyata that is a mixte.  It doesn’t have drop bars though.  However, looking at the picture, that would be an easy swap-out.  Since the auctions end only about an hour apart, I’ll keep an eye on the prices and decide from that. 

But that Nishiki is so dayum purty!


~ by susancyclist on July 31, 2008.

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