Superstitions and dogs

I am superstitious about strange things.  But I have, for the most part, broken myself of these mental quirks.  If I am walking down the street I will still stop and pick up a penny.  Now only is it lucky, but it is money.  Just not much money.

But I have broken myself of picking up change on the road.  (Who tosses it there anyway?)  But today I rode over what appeared to be a hand fullof pennies.  Yeah, I went back and got them.  I’m going to be sooo lucky now. 

Later in the ride as I took a corner, two young dogs came charging out for the chase.  By the time I grabbed my spray can, the owner came charging out the door calling the dogs.  I yelled out my thanks and headed down the road.  After about a quarter mile, I realized I was hearing doggy nails on the road behind me.  One of the pups had decided running along behind me was great fun.  His owner was trailing far behind with a desperate look.  To the doggy’s disappointment, I stopped so the owner could catch him.  Then I sat and watched as the owner tried chasing him all over as the pup tried to make friends with some small dog who took exception with the whole situation.  Darn funny.  Cute dog.


~ by susancyclist on July 20, 2008.

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