Sunday a.m.  It has rained all night and continues this morning.  Since I am no a TdF competitor, I do not feel the need to ride in it.  So I sit here with my laptop in my lap and the Tour on the tube and marvel at the ability of the riders to change clothes completely and receive medical exams all while riding over a mountain.

I did ride yesterday.  Considering the heat and humidity, I should have started at least an hour earlier than I did.  I was disappointed to feel the lingering effects of last Tuesday’s dance with hyperthermia.  Some portion of that may be due to the 75% humidity.

Although I am not training for anything in particular this season, no charity rides, organized rides, etc., I have noted a couple of things.  I am progressively riding in harder gears.  When based on how hard I feel like I’m working, I feel like I’ve pretty much maxed out my gearing on a climb, I’ll look down and discover I have lots of downshifting left.  Conversely, I will discover I am cruising rollers in a much bigger ring than formerly.  This is resulting in some increase in speed (while noting I’ll never be classified as fast).  Of course, this is probably a comment on my attention to shifting.

I’m not sure to what to attribute this.  I’m not following any training schedule.  I’m not logging a high number of miles.

The downside is I have lost out in my ability to do a large number of miles in a sitting. 

So I am not quite ready for the Tour.


~ by susancyclist on July 13, 2008.

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