Rode anyway

After posting this morning about the rain and how I was going to be lazy, the rain stopped.  I stuck my head out the door and it was cloudy and the temperature was pleasant.  I was going to ride.

According to motion-based, I started out at 2:38.  The sun was trying to peak out.  I was hoping it would stay away as the humidity was high.

I usually enjoy a ride with no goal, no planned route, just ride.

When I stopped at the first traffic light, an older gentleman in a Caddie pulled up beside me and I had a nice chat with him and his poodle, Little Bit. 

After working my way through town I headed west on Highway 70.  As I approached a right hand turn I tried to remember if I had ridden that road before.  I turned off and onto it.  If it was the one I had ridden, from the other direction, I was in for some hills.  If it wasn’t, that’s okay too.

It was the one.  There were some hills.  Before I hit the biggest of them I stopped to drain a bottle.  I didn’t want a repeat of heat problems. 

On one hill, I stood to finish it off.  Except that didn’t finish it off.  There was a curve and some trees hiding the continuation of the climb. 

On another, as I topped the hill and checked the descent I was disappointed to see a sharp right turn at the bottom.  That’s just not fair.

After winding around I came out onto the road that signaled the turn toward home.  This isn’t my favorite road to ride as it’s narrow, heavily traveled, and has no shoulder anywhere.  As I pedaled along, the sun came out.  But if I looked to my left I could see black clouds and rain about a mile away.  I am fine with that as long as there is no lightening.

I turned off the scary road to weave through some side roads.  It would add a couple of miles to the ride.  But I was enjoying myself.

I finally got hit by a few raindrops as I hit the last couple of miles to home.  Not really enough rain as by then I was pretty warm.

At the end of the ride I was pretty satisfied.  My average speed was good even with the hills.  The humidity was pretty bad, 66%.


~ by susancyclist on July 13, 2008.

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