I’m Ba-ack.

I have not been the good poster of late.  Sorry about that.  So now on to Tuesday’s adventure.

Firstly (if that’s a word), It turned hot and humid on Tuesday.  Emphasis on humid.

Secondly, We have had unusually variable weather this summer.  It usually just turns hot, as in the 90s, and stays that way.  We have had lots of days just in the 80s so far this summer.  I haven’t had much time to acclimate like I did last year.

Thirdly, on with the story.  I set out for a ride Tuesday evening, deciding to crank hard for an hour or so, then head home for supper.  Since it was just a short ride I just filled up one bottle with plain water.  This was stupid.

I cruised through town and headed for a little hill I like to climb.  By the time I topped it, I felt bad.  Really bad.  I came down the other side and found a shady spot in front of a church and laid on the ground, poured water on my head, and onto my bandana and tied it around my neck.  After I had cooled down a bit, I decided this ride should be shortened up and picked a direct route home.  I had ridden another mile or so and was coming to an intersection, stopping at a light.  At that point I was having difficulty deciding whether to throw up or pass out.  The light changed, I went through the intersection and found another shady spot.

As I ‘rested’ I contemplated calling somebody to come pick me up.  But I was only abut 3 miles from home, so decided to try it.

Another bit of riding, another shady spot.

This is not fun.

By then I am pretty close to a friend’s house.  Another bit of riding.  Yay!  She’s home.  I walk into the house, into the kitchen, straight to the refrigerator, pull out some Gatorade, sit right down in the floor. 

In the meantime, I can hear her in the bathtub.  She’s got a whirlpool running so she can’t hear me.  Finally the whirlpool is shut off and I yell, “I’m in your kitchen.”  Answer: “Okay.”

Next her boyfriend comes in to find me sitting there.  He kindly gets me another bottle of Gatorade.  I kill it.

I’m finally feeling better, my friend gets out of the tub, we have a visit, and I go home.

One bottle is not enough.  Always carry electrolytes.

I was pretty sickly the next day.  This was bad as it was my birthday.


~ by susancyclist on July 10, 2008.

3 Responses to “I’m Ba-ack.”

  1. Happy birthday you silly girl with one bottle!

  2. :-> I’m a big dummy.

  3. Tahnks for posting

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