Weekend, pt 2

I didn’t sleep really well Friday night which is unusual on a camping trip.  I was awake for good before dawn.  Fortunately I had coffee makings at hand and had a granola bar to go with.  As the sun came up, I made more coffee and had my usual cereal and banana.

I wanted to go hiking so I popped on the boots, sprayed myself with deep woods Off and headed toward that abandoned road.  As I started strolling along the pavement, it was rather eerie.  There were trees downed across the unused road.  At one spot it looked as though someone had started chipping one up then quit.  Soon I spotted a picnic table and grill, just sitting out in the woods, unused and unkept.  Then another.  And another.  Apparently the Corps of Engineers has abandoned about 25-30 campsites.  So there are all these concrete picnic tables and grills just sitting there.  Many had the markers still standing with the numbers and saying they were vacant.  Well yeah. 

I stopped at what had been site 110 as the table looked fairly clean and accessible.  I thought it would be a good spot to have a drink and a snack.  After walking a bit more, I came upon the abandoned bathhouse. 

Kids, these are your federal tax dollars at work.  When I got a copy of the map of the campground, the abandoned road shows up.  It also provides proof of how poorly planned this campground is. 

As I headed back toward my own campsite, little drops of rain began to fall.  Fortunately I had on my big sun and rain hat.  I arrived back at the site just in time to hit the trailer and stay dry.  So I settled in with a sandwich and watched a movie while it rained.

After a while it cleared off, so I took my map and took a stroll to mark campsites I would consider if I came back.  I would only come back here if I got a lake front site.  I marked a few.

Later, as I dried things off and contemplated going to the bathhouse for a shower, I stopped to check the weather on my palm.  More rain overnight and into the morning.  So I sat down to consider my options while I had a bite to eat.  I didn’t want to take a bathhouse shower.  I didn’t want to pack up wet stuff in the morning.  I just had gotten everything dry.  I was going home.

I can pretty much pack everything up in 20 minutes since I didn’t have the rain shelter up.  Happily it is easier to pull out of the spot than to back in.  So in nothing flat I was headed home.

And I barely rode a bike at all.



~ by susancyclist on July 1, 2008.

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