On and over the weekend

I may not get everything into this post, it being Monday morning and all.

I went camping this weekend.  I no longer do the rough-and-ready tent camping.  But on the other hand, I don’t have one of those everything included, gigantic, behemoth, why not stay home trailers.

Here’s what I have:


Isn’t it cute? Yes, it’s tiny. But it can sleep 2, it has an air conditioner and I recently put in a tiny refrigerator. What it does not have is water or plumbing.

The major decision is what to pack in it.  I have cooking supplies, both electrical and not.  Clothing.  Books.  And usually my laptop which makes a nice DVD viewer if it rains, which it did.  You will also note in the picture something on the ground under the door and behind the ladder that is orange and green.  That is a nice pop-up shelter which I found on clearance but never got around to putting up.

I choose this campground for two reasons:  1.  It’s on the lake so I could go swimming;  2.  It’s on good roads so I could ride my bike.

But It turned out I didn’t have a good replacement tire for rear wheel.  I ran by a sporting goods store which didn’t have any kind of 700 x ?? tires.  I have some new Maxxis ordered (which should arrive today), but it’s a rather long drive to any bike shop.  So I ended up taking the mountain bike.

The drive over went fine; I’m always nervous towing the trailer.  I checked in and drove straight to my site.  I knew it was a back-in site, but I didn’t know that it was like backing into a yawning chasm.  What it involved was backing uphill, cutting the trailer into the site which was downhill.  So you pretty much have to back on faith.  I had no faith.  As in I freaked out and couldn’t do it.  As I stood there and pondered what to do while watching traffic back up behind me, a very nice man volunteered to back it in for me.  He did it neatly on the second try.

Later I felt much better watching the people across from me have a time backing their much larger rig into their spot.  In fact, I think they went and got somebody else to do it for them.  Whoever designed some of these spots to back in uphill and then cut into a downhill should be shot.

I set up the necessities and sat in the AC to cool off for a bit.  It was incredibly humid.  Then I took the bike for a ride through the campground to scout things out, particularly looking for a spot where I could take a quick dip.  There was no such spot.  There was a boat ramp with big signs saying no swimming or wading.  People who had lakefront spots could swim out from them as with time and use little paths had been worn.  But no visible swimming spots for the rest of us.

I did note what appeared to be a deserted road on the far side of the campground which I made a noted for the next day.

So I headed back to the site to make a pot of tea (iced) and have a sandwich for supper.  By then it was dark enough to take in pee in the woods, so I didn’t bother to look for the bathhouse.  Then I settled in to read and then to bed.

Must work now, I’ll blog Saturday later.


~ by susancyclist on June 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “On and over the weekend”

  1. Cool camper. Where did you find it? Is it something an individual made or is there a brand name/model?

  2. It was built by a man to take his grandsons camping. When I bought it, it was just clear-coated. I stripped it and restained it then put on several coats of spar urethane to preserve it. Next winter, I’ll jazz up the interior!

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