A shortened ride

My start was delayed a bit this morning.  Just as I wheeled out of the garage, I heard the rumble of thunder.  I decided to wait a bit and see where those big black clouds were heading.  After watching them a bit I decided they were heading away and not toward, so I set out.

After some dithering, I headed south toward the hills.  At one point I stopped to try and find some irritating click, which I never found.  I headed out Oak Grove Road.  At one point I stopped to rescue this fellow:

 Mr. Box Turtle

I took a left onto Holloway Rd.  Then I turned left onto Old Shannon Road which has some lovely rollers. I was surprised to have a group ride pass me coming from the other direction. They were quite strung out, no fast pacelines for this bunch. Compared to them, I was rather speedy. Perhaps I should find out who they are.

I turned off onto the llama farm road, and they were out. They are quite elusive when I get out the camera.

Hiding Llama

As I set back off, I hadn’t gone 50 feet, when I felt that horrible mushy feeling from the back tire.  Flat as a flitter.

I pulled under a tree, took off the wheel and pumped it back up.  Ack, a cut in the tire!!  Happily I had a dollar bill to use as a boot.  But I decided discretion was called for, so I headed toward home.

Oddly, I had been discussing how I needed new tires soon.  Apparently soon was was yesterday.

I’ve ordered some Maxxis Couchervals.  I looked at all kinds before I ordered.  They have nifty gray and orange stripes, and a kevlar belt so avoid those pesky flats and cuts.

On a separate note, I got new contacts yesterday and ordered some glasses with lenses that cut all those rays you don’t want. 




~ by susancyclist on June 21, 2008.

One Response to “A shortened ride”

  1. Ahh a cute little tortoise! Ahhh x 6

    Amazing what you see on a bike ride..

    I saw a Pineapple on a cycle path once. Very odd.

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