Still cool, but rather blind

When I set out on my morning commute it was only about 57ish degrees.  Very nice not to sweat up the clothes or have to carry extras.  In fact I could have used my arm warmers. 

I rode the road bike in and packed some shorts so I can ride out straight from the office this evening and get a few miles down.

After watching the races and wondering what jerseys said on Saturday, having headaches the last two days, and being unable to read various and sundry things, I broke down and made an appointment with the eye doctor for Friday.  It has gotten to the point that I’m not getting things done due to headaches.  That should indicate how much I hate going to any kind of doctor.

I will definitely get new glasses, but have to decide other things.  Contact lenses?  Sunglasses?  Do they make bifocal sunglasses?  That way I could see what is ahead and read the Garmin too.

This is a new doctor, so I’m hoping that he will know something about what is best for sports type stuff.  I know they can usually do one eye for distance and one for up close when it comes to contacts.  But how would that affect peripheral vision on the up close eye?  That seems rather important for riding.

Any input would be appreciated.  Anything like the contacts question, good shades, etc.

~ by susancyclist on June 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “Still cool, but rather blind”

  1. I wear pretty simple contacts, so am not sure about the specifics of more customized options. However, as someone who wore glasses for years before getting contacts, I can say that having to switch from “regular” to the shades is a giant hassle. Giant. My vote is contacts so you can still wear your fave shades and then will only have those to remover or replace as needed while still maintaining the ability to see everything. Plus, I don’t know how much you have invested in your current shades, but if there were ever an instance where you lose them in your bike travels (land on them when falling) then you’re out more $$ to fix/replace them and Rx shades aren’t always so cheap. HTH.

  2. Thanks Anne. I wore contacts years ago, but my scrip was a lot simpler then. But I think I tend to agree, as I tend to lose shades, so I buy them cheap so it’s not a great loss.

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