And now for the rest of the story

I have talked about the Criterium.  Now I’ll talk about me at the Criterium.

My plans were to leave before dark, ride back to where I was parked and either ride back to the race or home.  This becomes significant later.

Since I rode in I was dressed appropriately, jersey and my Zoot cycling capris for race watching comfort.  Apparently I LOOK like a cyclist.  I was asked several times if I had raced yet.  I was asked lots of questions about the races.

My bike is beautiful and looks a lot more expensive than it was.  It’s an ’05 Giant OCR C3.  Not a race bike by any means, but beautiful clear-coated carbon with orange and white accents, plus the orange tape and tires.  I was sitting on a curb a few feet from the bike, but close enough to hear conversations about it.  People were estimating I gave twice or more than what I did.  People trying to subtly check the weight was funny too.

I had a nice chat with a guy about his Maxxis tires (yeah, orange).  I may try them next time, which is soon.

I also had a nice chat with a young woman who hopes to run her first triathlon by September.  She was so revved by the race.

As to the ride back to the truck, the last race ended at 9:30 p.m., so I headed out.  While I was still in town things were OK.  I rode back across the Shelby Street bridge, turned left down Davidson St.  This area was lighted, so all was well.  Then I headed into Shelby Park which was surprisingly dark.  Then I picked up the trailhead of the Greenway.  Now that’s DARK.  I have no lights.  Sections have overhanging trees.  That’s really, really dark.  So dark, I had to dismount and walk for fear of riding off the trail at a curve. 

Plus from the rain it was humid and drippy.

At one point, I looked up and saw a light in the distance.  It was bobbing and moving towards me.  I then picked up a whirring sound.  I absolutely could not figure out what it was or where I should go. 

Was it something big that could run me over?

No, it was somebody pushing a skateboard while holding a flashlight.  Weird.

But no weirder than me riding in the pitch black dark.

I finally arrived at my next big bridge across the river.

You spiral up, under and around to the top. That’s a real adventure in the dark.

But I made it up and over, then it was a short spin to the truck.

Thank goodness.




~ by susancyclist on June 15, 2008.

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