Finding replacements

I commuted yesterday and today so I’m getting back on track.  Since I flatted Monday on the road bike, I needed tubes.  I am ashamed to admit I don’t patch.

The problem I have is there is no local bike shop for me.  My nearest LBS is 25 miles away.  I certainly can do a 50 miler, but that’s not practical on a weekday evening.  It seems trying to conserve gasoline can be difficult.  I decided to go to Dick’s Sporting Goods as they do have a cycling department, limited as it is. 

I started rummaging through the tubes.  They only had a few size 700.  Some of them had schrader stems!  I didn’t even know they put schraders on 700s.  But no prestas in a 700 x 18-22.  I have been riding Continental Attack-Force tires, 22 on the front, 23 on the back.  So I need a small tube.  Then I found a display full of tubes that had the right size.  Unfortunately they were Slime tubes.  I know some riders swear by them.  But I am not one of those people.  I’ve heard too much bad stuff about stopped up stem and gooey tires.  So I came away with no tubes.

On the upside I searched through the clearance racks and found something I’ve been wanting and got them extremely cheap. Compression shorts. When you ride a bike in a skirt, you need something a little more protective underneath. Things can get a little chafed otherwise. I found their store brand, 3 pair, on clearance for 4.49 each. Two pair are longer, about mid-thigh, one pair is shorter. I haven’t tried the short ones on yet to check the length. Even though I am wearing pants today, I wore a pair underneath. They are so much more comfy. The store brand name for women’s is “Ativa.” Oddly, they don’t seem to have them on the website. They are similar to UnderArmor.

I changed the flat last night. I also used the time to clean the cassette really well since I had the rear wheel off the bike. The tires are really beginning to show some wear. I will have to order soon.

Finally on the commuting front: I realized my posture on the upright bike is really bad. I need to flatten my back. Some things have transferred to road bike very well, like leg strength. This leads me to wonder if I need to take a look at my position on the road bike. Hopefully, I can check it out tonight.


~ by susancyclist on June 11, 2008.

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