Finally, a ride

I have been quite bad about blogging, because I have been quite bad about riding.  Last night was the first time on the bike in a week.  But most of that has been beyond my control.

I rushed home last night, determined to get in a ride.  It was hot out, humid too.  Probably 96 or so when I set out.  Although the legs felt decent, a week out of the saddle made a difference.  And I was surprised by the stupid headwind.  Based on that I decided not to stray too far from home, which turned out to be a very good thing.

I toodled around town, climbed a couple of hills, got in a couple of nice descents, buzzed the public square.  The heat and humidity bothered me a little.  As I worked my way in the general direction of home, I began to get the dreaded squishy back tire feeling.  Crap.

Pulled into a parking lot and yep, I was going flat.  I figured I was less than two miles from home, so I tried pumping it back up and hoped it was a slow leak.  Probably rode another quarter mile, stopped and pumped again.  Rode a tiny bit, got across and up the little section of highway, flat again.

By this point I was about a mile from home.  The heat and a bit of stress was beginning to get to me.  So I decided to walk the rest of the way.  Always a fun thing in road shoes with cleats.  An idiot decided it would be fun to come up behind me, honk his horn, and drive away laughing.  I don’t know if he knew who I was, but I know who he was.  He is going to pay for that.  I failed to see the humor.

A lady who attends the church I used to attend stopped and offered me a ride.  I declined as her car was tiny and wouldn’t have been good for bike carrying.  But I appreciated it.  Then a man pulled up in an older Jeep.  I had walked past him earlier as he was mowing his yard.  He apparently stopped mowing, got into his Jeep and came to get me.  How could I turn that down?  So I got a nice ride home in the end.

I still haven’t changed the flat yet.  This will use my last tube, so I guess this will mean a trip to the LBS.  I may try to go see a friend who is in the hospital and visit a bike shop I’ve never been to before.

~ by susancyclist on June 10, 2008.

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