On Group and Charity rides

Last weekend I got a call from a guy who organizes local group rides inviting me to a Memorial Day ride.  I couldn’t have gone, as I was still recovering from that strained muscle in my hip.  But I wouldn’t have gone anyway.

I just do not care for most of these rides. 

I don’t like the structure.  I don’t like some of the attitude.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy riding with friends.  With friends it more a matter of, “Hey, wanna turn here?”  Then a straight forward yes or no.  Either way is OK by me.

Last summer same guy told me he was trying to organize local rides and I thought “cool”.  So he invited me to ride, I met up and we rode.  It turned out I was being “auditioned.”  He didn’t just ask if I knew how to change a flat, he asked me if I knew the basic specs on my bike.  I started to rattle off everything but gear inches (cause I couldn’t do that).  Also checking to see if I could keep up.  That part was OK.  But overall I thought it got a little weird.

So anyway, I met up early one morning for a group ride.  It turned out he doesn’t reveal the route.  No re-group points.  You are just supposed to follow the fearless leader.  To where ever.  Hell and back, I suppose.



~ by susancyclist on May 30, 2008.

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