On the end of a long weekend

I am at least consoling myself with the thought that it makes this a four day work week.  After Friday’s fun stuff, Saturday I planned to get some flower-planting done then take an afternoon recovery ride.  I got the flower stuff done. However…

Megan came by in the early afternoon and we were sitting out on the deck.  I stood up to go get something out of the house and had a hideous, screaming pain in my right hip.  I couldn’t bear weight or walk for a minute.  Rather frightened me.  But it eased off in short order.  I went with Meg, errand-running.

Sunday morning I decided to test out the hip on a short ride.  No searing pain, but a dull ache.  So I shortened my ride deciding this may need some rest and research.

I googled “muscle anatomy hip” and I am pretty sure what my problem is, the piriformis muscle.  It runs around the lower side of the hip and is bisected by the sciatic nerve.  I think when I spent Saturday morning squatting, siting, standing to plant flowers is aggravated it as it was on top of my ride Friday.  Then when I stood up at an awkward angle on Saturday, the nerve came into play.  I think with rest it should be fine.

Since I was off the bike for Monday, I scouted campgrounds, perhaps even for the coming weekend.  I headed east with directions to two Corps of Engineer camps as well as one private one.  The two run by the Corps are beautiful.  One is a little more accessible than the other and probably better for bike riding.  In fact, as I drove through Defeated Creek I saw about 20 mountain bikers lined up for a picture before setting out.  I also saw a roadie working a hill on my way out.  That’s in addition to all the family style riders.

The private one, while nice enough, wouldn’t work for my purposes.  No suitable riding.  The roads in the area were terrible.

I also drove through a couple more private campgrounds which weren’t suitable for me.

I think for now I’ll stick to either state parks or Corps’ grounds.  The advantage to the Corps’ ones is that they are always on a lake.  Oh, forgot to say, the Corps’ employees were exceptionally helpful too.  I think as far as campgrounds I am fairly safe with any Corps of Engineers’ grounds.  There are some others in the area.  In fact I may opt for one that I know I could easily ride out of, if I can swing camping this weekend.

On yet another front, I found the missing camera in the bottom of my bike cube!


~ by susancyclist on May 27, 2008.

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