Meg & Susan’s Excellent Adventure

Meg & I began our excellent adventure by catching the commuter train from the Lebanon station with our bikes in tow at 6:40 a.m. Commuter trains are very uncommon in this part of the world. So uncommon that ours is the only one in the state. We’ve had it for about a year and a half.

We bungeed our bikes in and settled down for the 40 minute ride.

The ride ends at Riverfront Park in Nashville. After a stop off in the station we headed up Demonbruen to 3rd Ave S to get on the big pedestrian bridge that used to be the Shelby Street Bridge over the Cumberland River. Then back down and right by Titans Stadium.

We decided to head East for a bit and go have a bite at Bongo Java Eastwhich is home to the NunBun. Well West is the actual home. I had a nice chai tea and a lemon poppyseed muffin. Then we set off.

We headed toward Shelby Parkto pick up the trailhead on the Nashville Greenways. We had miles of trail and since it was a weekday there was virtually no traffic. After a few miles we came to the new pedestrian bridge back across the Cumberland. The trail went in a spiral up and under the bridge until we reached the top. Then it was over the river, under Briley Parkway, and into Two Rivers Park. We rode the trail through the park and came out on McGavock Pike. There is more trail to come in the future, but it is under construction.

So next we wound through residential streets, stopping for a bit when Meg had a mechanical. We went through Donelson and picked up the next section of trail. But somewhere we took a wrong turn and didn’t come out where we were aiming for, the base of Percy Priest dam. But once we stopped and asked for directions we made up for it and crossed the dam, headed out Bell Road, to Dodson Chapel stopping at Bensons’ Market.

Next we headed over to the Bike Pedlar as Megan’s bike was still having problems. We got that adjusted and headed back out. We headed back into Wilson County on Chandler Road which becomes Division Street and takes us straight on through Mt. Juliet.

At that point we were looking for some ice to add to our bottles. We finally stopped by Burr’s BBQ and he kindly gave us some. We continued on along Division cutting over to Quarry Rd. at the world famous Four Fanny’s. We got to climb up a few hills here. This took us over to Highway 70 and the last leg, about 10 more miles, back to the station and home.

For this trip my electronics did not cooperate. My camera died so there are no beautiful pictures of bridges and rivers and so forth. I apparently bumped a button on my Garmin 305 at some point so it was on when it should have been off and vice versa.

But I roughed out the route using Map My Ride, 43.57 miles.


~ by susancyclist on May 23, 2008.

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