On the road again…

Or Road bike.  OK.  Cheesy.

It turned out to be a lovely morning for a ride although it was a bit cloudy and windy early on. I was glad I wore my light-weight arm warmers.

The transition from the commuter beast back to the carbon road baby was interesting. At first it felt like my rear end was stuck way up in the air. I got over that feeling in the first mile. Beast probably weighs twice as much as Baby, if not more. So riding the road bike felt so light and like “buttah.”

The upright posture on Beast isolates my quads when pedaling. So even after just one week of commuting, I could tell a difference riding the Baby. I spent a lot more time in the big ring and had more power on the hills especially the smaller ones in town. Even when I hit the more substantial hills outside of town, I cranked them pretty well. I rode a couple of areas I hadn’t before. When I downloaded the ride from my Garmin I was surprised that my max grade exceeded 20%.  So I think that riding the beast is going to be a good training tool.

I rode through town then down llama farm road and headed over to Safari Camp Road.  It’s an old road and quite up and down hilly.  That took me to the newer section of Hwy 109 which has nice shoulders to ride.  Then I turned off onto Franklin Road to head towards Microwave Hill.

Before leaving this morning, I had knocked over my entire bowl of cereal and bananas and not replaced it. So I finally had to stop and eat my clifbar before I got bonky.

As I sat and snacked, a couple of guys came riding from the opposite direction and stopped to chat. They are Troy and Chad. We discussed bikes and places to ride and discovered riders we knew in common. Very nice chat. They had several questions about Black Beauty (Baby). I was told she is a beautiful bike which always is a good thing to hear. I think so too.

Next was up Microwave Hill and down the other side. I stopped by the place where the zebra live as they were out. But the pictures I tried to get with my cellphone were no good as they were too far away from the road. I promise I will post some good zebra pictures some day.

I finished up by heading out Hartman Dr, which was a little too truck intensive in spots, but I wanted to ride my private highway (the road under construction) as it looks like it will be opened to traffic soon. So sad.

I rode a short additional loop at the end to even up my mileage.

Good morning. Good ride.


~ by susancyclist on May 10, 2008.

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