Friday Commute

Another good ride into the office.  I did the Copenhagen Girls thing by wearing a skirt, even though I really didn’t have to today.

It’s the first ride with the new bar bag. The brand name is “Mobile Life”. I think I’m really going to find it functional for commuting. It clips on and off easily and the shoulder strap makes it look like a purse; or if you’re a guy, a small messenger bag. The only drawback thus far is that I’ve noted that it is 100% cotton so I need to waterproof a bit.

I was sitting at a traffic signal behind a school bus full of what looked to be high school age kids. They all had that half awake, it’s Friday, I’m cool look. Finally one of them noticed me. He tried to be subtle and peek around at me. Then he said something to his buddy who turned around and stared. I waved. They think I’m nuts. This is fun.

It appears the weather is not going to be cooperative this evening for the trip home. I may have to make a decision at lunch after checking the radar. Just rain isn’t too bad. Thunderstorms are another story when you are on the back of a metal frame bike.


~ by susancyclist on May 9, 2008.

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