Commuting girl-style

Today was something of a second test-commute.  I wore a skirt.  It was a wee bit chilly on the bare legs.  But when the weather is warmer, it will be nice.  In fact it should be nice on the way home as it will be in the 70s by then.  It was in the 50s this morning.

I wore Filas instead of pumps.  I carried those in the panniers along with my purse and lunch.  I may try riding home in the heels just to see how it goes.  I know how the basic pedaling will go.  It’s any climbing I’m concerned about.  But there is less climbing on the way home.

I wonder what drivers think when they see me pedaling along in my skirt???  They have all been very polite thus far.  I got a thumbs up from a guy on a motorcycle.  I also tend to get waved through for things like left hand turns at traffic lights which when there is a line of traffic I really appreciate.

Overall in my little town, the drivers have been very respectful of me riding whether I’m commuting or in lycra on the road bike.

Oh, I got the Garmin reset and my coming in route is 3.18 miles.  Certainly a tiny ride compared to what I ride on carbon, but I would guess the commuter weighs twice as much and the upright position actually works the quads a lot more.  When I upload the route tonight, I’ll try to post it.



~ by susancyclist on May 6, 2008.

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