First commute

Well, I rode the new bike to work this morning. The temps were cool so I had to wear a jacket, then ended up a little sweaty. But I might as well get used to that and learn how to cope with it once I get to the office.

I wanted to carry my Garmin so I could get exact mileage and post my route. But when I turned it on this morning, it went insane. It only had gibberish on the screen. I didn’t have the time to play around with it so I put it back on the charger. I’ll try resetting it this evening.

The ride itself went very well. I have to adjust my shifting a little and remember to shift further down as there are some uphill starts at intersections.

My main problem is I really can’t drag that bike upstairs to my office. It’s a big, heavy bike and the stairs are steep and narrow. I locked it to a post and it will probably be fine there. I do hate the idea of that though. It will eventually get rained on to boot.

There is a big awning down there, but nothing to look it to. Maybe I can find some kind of big ring to attach to the building so that it will be under the awning.

On another note, I may have found the perfect bag.  We’ll see. 



~ by susancyclist on May 5, 2008.

2 Responses to “First commute”

  1. If it doesn’t rain much where you are, you may find it sufficient to just cover the seat while you are working. My favorite temporary seat cover are the cheap plastic shower caps you find in hotel rooms.

  2. I may even have one of those… somewhere.

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