I am now a commuter.

I went bike shopping and spent some bucks.  But quite a reasonable number of them.

First I headed to my regular LBS.  But they had nothing like what I had in mind.  So I headed to Eastside Cycles in Nashville. They are a relatively new shop that seems to cater to recreational riders. Plus I love the neighborhood where they are located.

They had several Electras sitting there, but the shop guy, Dave, pointed out that I may want a few more gears than the three on most Electras. I finally ended up test riding, in heels, a Schwinn World GS Commuter. The gearing is 3×8 with trigger shifters. It has fenders and a rack. Full suspension. Quite adjustable. It was fun and comfortable to ride. In fact, I was gone long enough on the ride to almost get lost.

So I bought it. I’ll need some odds and ends for it. Though with the fatter tires I would guess I’m much less likely to flat. At some point I want a good bag, possibly an Acorn.

I’ve noticed everything to do with this bike is going in the opposite direction from the road bike. Upright and comfortable. Canvas bag. I wish I could find some non-helmet-looking helmet.

Oh. & it has a bell.


~ by susancyclist on May 2, 2008.

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