On Sunday Cruising

I headed out for a ride this morning knowing that rains and possibly storms were on the way.  So I cobbled together a nice little route which basically was a big circle around my house.

I cut through some residential streets which turned out to be infested with dogs and construction.  At least there wasn’t a hill to keep me from fleeing.

Next I headed over to my private highway, i.e. the road they are building, for a little car-free cruise.  I spotted a big wild turkey on the right and two deer on the left.  I thought about trying to get a picture of the deer but when I turned they took exception and and showed their little white tails as they fled.

I continued my big circle heading through town and east, out Old Rome Pike and Carthage Hwy (we like our classical references here).  Then headed down Spring Creek Road which is rolley climbey and lots of fun.  I spotted goats, mules, horses and sheep.  At one point I saw a fuzzy black cat sitting in the doorway of a falling down old red shed.  I thought she would make a pretty picture so I stopped.  She took off.  I gave up on pictures.

Next I headed down Hartsville Pike.  I was concentrating on keeping my seat firmly weighted in the saddle during the long shallow climbs.

Then right onto Africa Road which again features some climbing.  When I got to Hwy 231 I was starving so I stopped to snack on a Honey Stinger bar.  Then headed back south to my private highway, wound around and headed home.



~ by susancyclist on April 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “On Sunday Cruising”

  1. Honey Stingers…you’ve reached the big leagues! I don’t dare buy them.

  2. They only have a small window of time. Before long they will start melting on a ride. Esp in a pocket.

    I only bought 2.

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