On riding and bike shopping

First off,  I had a mostly lovely ride yesterday.  I decided to base my route on possible places where they are shooting a movie locally.  (On a side note, they are having a terrible time finding extras.  Nobody seems to want to do it).  But I hit their location on the first try about two miles from home, so the rest of my ride was camera and lighting free.

I headed out to beautiful Watertown where they will be shooting later this week.  The temps were a little cooler and it had been raining earlier.  Once again I will have to clean muck and worms off of my bike.  But the legs felt good.

I have discovered that if I stop somewhere between the five and ten mile mark and have a snack, I am good for a long time after that.

My “long time after that” was interrupted by a flat.  Rear, of course.  I found a nice rock wall to sit on while I pulled out the damaged tube.  I checked but never found out what caused the flat.  It did give me the chance to try out my new CO2 pump.  Very cool.  I was a little leery of it, all that compression.  But it was great!  I even managed to avoid greasing up my still clean orange tape.

As I headed back home, I realized I am, and apparently have been, doing something very strange form-wise.  I’m going to check myself out on it again today.  It seems I very seldom put my full weight on the saddle.  I figured this out during a short climb with my hands on the tops.  If anytime, that is where all of my weight should be on the saddle.  I understand that how your weight is distributed is relative to position on the bike.  If you are cranking hard on the drops there is little to no weight on the saddle.  Meanwhile I never have any real weight there.

Finally, I have been thinking about commuting for quite some time.  The surge in gas prices has me thinking about it even harder.  The problem is that I don’t have a bike that is really suitable fot that purpose.  Black Beauty, my Giant carbon road bike, is totally unsuitable.  I have an old Bianchi Nyala hard tale mountain bike which is too cramped for the rack and panniers currently on it.  My heels clip the panniers all the time.  So I’m looking.  And I’m looking vintage.

Friday Morning I spotted a ’73 Ladies Schwinn World Traveller on Craigslist for $35 (Way under priced.)  It had just been listed.  But I stupidly waited until after my court appearance to call.  By then it was too late.  So I’m scouting CL and Ebay.  I may have one in mind on Ebay and it’s close enough to go pick up.  It doesn’t come with the rack like the first one, but that’s a minor problem.

If anybody runs across a nice mixte in Tennessee, let me know.


~ by susancyclist on April 27, 2008.

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