Sunday and Sore

After yesterday’s hike, I was half way expecting my calves to be sore.  The trail was a little rough and hilly.  It gave a workout to my calves that the bike doesn’t.  Sure enough, when I crawled out of bed this morning they were indeed quite sore.  What I wasn’t expecting was the soreness I have in my hip flexors.  Although when I give it some thought it is logical.  On the bike they get the same continuous motion.  The only variation might be when you come up out of the saddle.  On my rolling hike the flexors get much more of a 360 degree workout.

I figure it is good for me and maybe even good for my riding.  My personal analogy is the core.  Riding doesn’t do much to build your core, but a conditioned and strong core helps your riding.  I don’t know if that translates into improving my riding, but if it doesn’t don’t tell me.  Strong calves and hip flexors are good either way.

I almost used the soreness to talk myself out of riding today.  But the weather forecast was a big improvement over yesterday, sunshine and warmer.  So after drinking a pot of coffee and reading the Sunday paper, I proceeded to change into cycling apparel.  Stupidly I dressed for the temperatures scheduled for this afternoon, not this morning.  I put on shorts, short sleeves with my lovely purple arm warmers.  I should have gone with a light weight base layer.  I hadn’t ridden 50 feet when I turned around and ran back in to grab a vest.

During the ride I found myself having to concentrate to avoid ankling. I really wanted to keep my feet rather flat on the bottom of the stroke to stretch out the sore calves, but found my self toeing down. That’s a bad habit I spent time breaking last year. It still shows up when I’m tired.

Nice ride. It was obvious the sore muscles had no effect.

I’m going to watch baseball and then clean up my poor dirty bike.


~ by susancyclist on April 20, 2008.

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