On a non-cycling Saturday

Today was the scratch-&-dent sale at REI, starting at 7:00 a.m. for members only.  Even though I was up at 4:30, I goofed around and wasn’t there when the doors opened.  When I got there at 7:30, people were already trooping out with big bags of discounted sporting goods.  In the store was packed.  One guy was walking around with the mountain bike he had claimed.  But I dove in and started looking.  I didn’t find find much in the way of cycling goods, but I would guess that was among the first stuff to go. Meg got there at 8:00 coming straight from the hospital where she works. I was jealous when she found a pair of smartwool socks.

I got a couple of base layer type shirts, some Ear Bags, a great, big hat, a Patagonia sports bra, plus a couple of Honey Stingers. Everything was deep discounted as returns, damaged or used for photographs. My stuff seems to be mostly returns.

So I came out pretty cheap, especially since I used up the rest of my dividend.

As I headed home, it was obvious it really wasn’t going to be a day for a ride.  Clouds were rolling in, the radio was promising rain, and the winds were huge.  So as I headed down Hobson Pike, I decided to turn in to Long Hunter State Park and hike for a bit. I had on my hiking boots, a warm vest and could try out my new hat.

I parked at the trailhead of Bryant Grove Trail. I later realized that I should have taken my cell with it’s camera as there were things I would have liked to have photographed. Much of the first half mile ran along Percy Priest Lake and the wind off of the lake was rough.  But the trail wound around a bit so I was protected by the foliage and trees later on. 

There were whole huge areas of ground moss of all shades of green that looked like a variegated velvet carpet.  Lots of tiny spring wildflowers were blooming.  I spotted spiderwort and trillium.  There were several others that I will try to research. I heard a woodpecker hard at work but never could spot him.  Finally as I was heading back to the car, I spotted one, then two, then three deer grazing off to my right. I stood still for quite some time as they worked their way towards me. I could spot the last vestiges of the baby spots on the side of the smallest. It was beginning to drizzle rain, but my great big hat pulled through. But I was getting hungry. The Stinger bars were left in the car too.

I trekked for 4 miles and enjoyed myself thoroughly.  Plan to do it again.

~ by susancyclist on April 19, 2008.

One Response to “On a non-cycling Saturday”

  1. I wish I had an REI nearby. I’ve never been to one, but shop their catalog sometimes. We have EMS–and it’s great….but I’d like to see how the other half lives….

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